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Maintenance from 1996 to 2017

The maintenance overview below has been compiled from 1996 to 2017. It doesn't contain all repairs, improvements or other acts of maintenance. It is an abstract in order to give you an impression of the type of work that was necessary or desirable.

1st June 1996

Purchase of the Silver Shadow at a mileage of 29.246.

12th June 1996

Fitting of a contact breaker by order of the insurance company

Autumn 1997

Repair of the expansion container on top of the radiator

8th April 1998

Revision of the compressor of the airconditioning

30th July 1998

Revision of the right hand height control valve

9th October 1998

Repair of a petrol leakage

23th October 1998

Repair of the height control of the driver's seat

28th October 1998

Repair of a leakage in a tube of the airconditioning

2nd April 1999

Revision of the left hand height control valve

2nd April 1999


April 1999

Once again revision of the left hand height control valve

26th June 1999

Replacement of the parking brake pads

October 1999

Replacement of the left hand height control valve by a revised one

2nd April 2000

Replacement brake pads of the front wheels

13th May 2000

Revision of the left hand height control ram valve

12th August 2000

Revision of the brake calipers of the right hand front wheel

26th August 2000

Replacement of the seals of the front flashing light units

25th October 2000

Improvement of the bumpers and radiator shell

18th November 2000

Replacement of the black screen wipers by steal wipers

31st March 2001

Leather treatment

23rd May 2001

Cleaning of the hydraulic reservoir and renewel of the hydraulic fluid

22nd February 2002

Battery replaced

20th April 2002

Protection plate attached above the V-belts

26th April 2002

New glasses fitted for the reverse lights

2nd September 2002

Replacements of 6 rubbers of the steering mechanism

4th October 2002

Revision right hand ram valve, revision reduction valve, repair solenoid reduction valve, replacement hydaulic tube, cleaning of the hydraulic reservoir, bleeding the complete system

March 2003

Both the rear tyres replaced: Cooper Lifeliner Classic II, Steel belted radial, 102S P235/70R15 M/S SR with white walls; completed with wheel alignment

18th April 2003

Screen washer system disassembled and thoroughly cleaned

28th June 2003

New dust caps fitted on the rear callipers. For that the callipers had to be disassembled and the four joined hydraulic ducts replaced

29th August 2003

Repair of the right hand wheel drive shaft boot with liquid rubber in order to pass the yearly inspection

1st November 2003

Replacement of the right hand wheel drive shaft boot

6th December 2003

Damaged wheel cover replaced

27th July 2004

- The bearings of the rear wheels replaced.
- An original left side mirror mounted.
- The demolished boss of the right height control valve replaced.
- The speedometer repaired by shortening the protective tube of the speedo cable.
- The switch of the brake lights repaired.

12th August 2004

Parking brakes adjusted.

September/October 2004

Contact points, ignition condensor, ignition coil and ballast resistor, ignition set replaced.

14th November 2004

Diaphragms and float needles of the carburetters replaced.

26th June and 9th July 2005

- Fuel pumps replaced
- Master cylinder overhauled
- Overpressure engine block cleaned
- Carbon brushes of the alternator replaced
- Parking brake Switch repaired
- Several adjustments like dwell-corner, idle speed, idle speed with airco
- Coolant, automatic transmission fluid (ATF), engine oil and filter replaced
- Filter and oil-sump gasket replaced
- Put back the old ignition coil
- O-ring distributor replaced

6th September 2005

Electronic spark control module mounted

8th October 2005

Holes in the rear exhaust silencer sealed with exhaust paste

Dec 2005 / Jan 2006

- Kick diaphragm in the carburetter-unit replaced
- Thermostat replaced
- Spark plugs replaced
- Spark-plug hole B4 repaired
- Hose clamps replaced

12th February 2006

- Setting of advanced ignition
- Short circuiting in electric eliminated: wiring of boot lid isolated

October/November 2006

Revision of the braking calipers of the rear wheels

21st December 2006

Battery replaced

7th June 2008

- Both rear brake discs replaced
- Revision of the brake calipers of the left front wheel

1-12 June 2009

- Tappets replaced
- Engine oil and oil filter replaced

February/March 2010

- Master cylinder overhauled
- Brake pressure limiting valve overhauled
- Rear brakes bleed nipples replaced
- Left front brake pads replaced
- Engine tuned

August/September 2010

Accumulators replaced

7th November 2010

Replaced the insulation material under the engine bonnet

August 2012

Spark plugs and fuel filter replaced

October 2012

- Wiring loom restored after shortage in the generator
- The generator replaced
- All hydraulic lines replaced

September 2013

- The radiator replaced
- The engine cooling system flushed

11th November 2014

Master cylinder adjusted

30th May 2015

Carburetters adjusted

9th July 2015

The bearings of both front wheels replaced

15th December 2015

The carburetters, ignition and CO2 value adjusted

9th May 2016

Wheel alignment


Coolant reservoir restored

20th June 2017

4 new tyres

2nd August 2017


The engine of my car in June 2009.


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