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History up to 1996

The front of the DM-37-65

This is the most beautiful part of the DM-37-65! Here still with the registration number that it had until 1996.

This page tells the story of the Silver Shadow with registration number DM-37-65 that I owned from 1996 to 2017.

The meaning of history
The presence of full history makes a Rolls-Royce or Bentley a valuable property. The presence and quality of the history is part of the valuation and is of influence on the value of the car.
The history of my Silver Shadow was almost complete. I possessed some interesting papers and of course I collected everything that had to do with the car myself. All together the next history can be recorded.

Dates of delivery and maintenance
The "date of sales" of my SRH6839 is May 6 1969. The "warranty acknowledgement date" is May 9 1969. The car is on May 9 1969 delivered to A.M. Armitage, Les Près, Grouville, Jersey C.I., one of the Channel Islands (C.I. = Channel Islands).

The first maintenance, to be performed on 3000 miles or 3 months, took place on November 11 1969 at a mileage of 2930.
The second maintenance, on 6000 miles or 6 months, was done on June 23 1970 at a mileage of 7140. All next maintenances are noted with an interval of 6000 miles or half a year. The maintenance booklet mentions maintenances on the following dates and mileages:

   -  May 7 1971 on 10.231 miles;
   -  September 5 1972 on 17.001 miles;
   -  November 22 1973 on 23.944 miles;
   -  August 20 1974 on 30.164 miles;
   -  September 1 1975 on 36.114 miles;
   -  May 13 1976 on 42.411 miles;
   -  March 7 1988 on 18.230 miles.

The Department of Transport made "testcertificates" on:

   -  Februari 26 1993 on 24.487 miles;
   -  November 22 1993 on 24.954 miles;
   -  December 16 1994 on 27.697 miles;
   -  Januari 6 1996 on 28.583 miles.

It is remarkable that the mileage does not count from low to high. The original speedometer broke down on a mileage of 46.548 and was replaced. The original speedometer has been saved with the car.

Jersey, Birmingham, Brighton
The car has been on Jersey until 1973. Then it became the property of owners in Birmingham and Brighton, from 1973 to 1996. The maintenances from Juni 1970 and May 1971 are stamped by the garage at Bath Street in Jersey. The first readable stamp afterwards is that from August 1974, stamped by a garage at Granville Street in Birmingham. This garage has put the stamps until 1976. The stamp of 1988 comes from Aberaeron SA46 0DY and has been put by the Gwrthwynt Garage. In 1996 the car was sold in Brighton and driven to The Netherlands.

At delivery of the car the following documents accompanied the car: a handbook, a sales & service handbook, a maintenance voucher book, a radio warranty, a warranty paper and a copy of the invoice. The warranty paper and invoice are not present anymore. But the operating instructions of the original radio and a roadmap to the factory in Crewe are still with the car. That the car has still the original handbook and most of the tools, is remarkable. These items are often kept aside when the car is sold.

In my possession from May 1996 to August 2017
I bought my car at Globob Trading in Heemstede (North-west side of the Netherlands) in May 1996. That day the car was only one day in The Netherlands and wasn't yet registered in The Netherlands. The registration number mentioned the year 1973 as the year of delivery. But in that year it was shipped from Jersey to Birmingham. I have arranged an administrative conversion to the original year of delivery. In the first place because that is just the year of production and delivery, secondly because the car wouldn't have been 25 years of age and in that case I would have been obliged to pay road-taxes. My registration number DM-37-65 dates from August 3 1996.
On 2nd August 2017 I sold my Silver Shadow to an owner of a hotel/restaurant in the Netherlands.


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