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My Silver Shadow, the beginning

I think that an owner of a Rolls-Royce- or Bentley must be a votary of cars. If you spend a lot of money to a car that is not really inconspicious, you do that because it has always been an ideal. Because you have always wanted the utmost of comfort. Because you have always been impressed by it. I haven't met an owner of such a car that has bought it when he was looking for a good second-hand car and his Silver Shadow accidentally was in front of all cars in that showroom.

For me it was the same. For very many years I dreamt of a really "fat" car. One to be cherished because it is special. One that gives you that utmost satisfaction in driving. One that smells of exclusiveness. One you never going to sell anymore...
And that's why I definitely decided to buy a Rolls-Royce. For that seemed to be my one and only real boy's dream.

And after a final orientation on the market, the prices, the sellers, etcetera, on the ninth of May 1996 I bought my Silver Shadow and on the first of June 1996 I drove my first meters. It was decorated with the registration number


That registration number did not adorn it from the very first moment. Until the 24th of August 1996 I drove between the two English plates you saw on the picture in top of this page.
These plates showed the registration number "RCD 132 G".

The DM-37-65 still with the English registration number RCD 132G.

What was going on with this English registration you can read under the button History at the top of this page. And are you interested in the specifications of my Silver Shadow, then click on the button Design specifications.
It is really an experience to be a member of the club of Rolls-Royce- and Bentley-owners, the Mascotte (Dutch club). Because of the unique meetings. The very interesting technical explanations. The beautiful drives with many other Rolls-Royces and Bentleys, behind each other through the most wonderful landscapes. Read about it under the button Rolls-Royce club.
My friends and family have noticed that the car that is finished in Old English white has an excellent colour for the driving of bridal couples. Many times it has played a prominent part in the album of marriage. Look under the button Marriage in the DM-37-65 to see beautiful pictures of marriages.


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