Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
MPW convertible

1968, CRH5038, Red

This car got its registration number on November 8th 1968 in the UK and stayed there ever since. It was originally issued with the registration of "PTR 222G". Then a subsequent owner had it changed to his private number of "NM 333". Then on change of ownership in 1995 it was issued with a number of the correct registration year (Aug 1968 to July 1969) of "RCD 123G". The remarkable thing is that this number is almost the same as the number of the Silver Shadow this site is based upon: RCD 132G.
The engine is restored in 2010 because it had a knock. The problem appeared to be a scored piston and broken ring on the B4 cylinder, the cylinder situated right below the hydraulic reservoir.


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