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Influences on prices

When the Silver Shadow was launched in 1965, the basic version cost 6,557. Thirty years later, in 1995, the last Corniche Convertible cost 166,681. That is more than 25 times as much. However, it's possible that you don't consider a Silver Shadow and a Corniche comparable. In that case I can tell you that the first Silver Shadow Convertible (later the Corniche) was listed in 1967 for 10,511. And that is a factor 16 difference with the last Corniche. And that in a periode that the "UK cost of living index" rose with a factor 9!

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On this page you can read about the factors of influence on the indicative prices of cars nowadays.

A 2-door saloon has a higher value than a 4-door saloon.
On the picture you see the 1978 Rolls-Royce Corniche 2-door saloon CRX31870.

Fluctuations in the indicative prices over the years
In the second half of the nineties many Rolls-Royces and Bentleys are shipped to The Netherlands. Classic cars were hot. That will not change the next years, but approximately 2000 the balance between supply and demand improved. That means that prices in 2000 were somewhat higher than the years before.
That was luck for the buyers of Silver Shadows in the late nineties. For they saw increasing the value of their car (at the same state of maintenance). From 2000 until 2002 the value of the Silver Shadows have increased another 10% (when kept in the same condition).
In the year 2003 the buyers of classic cars waited longer then before before buying a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. Was a Silver Shadow or Corniche or a similar car sold within a month in 2002, the selling period increased to half a year in 2003.
Are you also interested in the American market, there are some developments too. Prices in the US have had the same behaviour like the prices in The Netherlands, accounting the lower dollar. But prices in England have not much changed since the late nineties and have become higher in comparance to The Netherlands. Buying a Silver Shadow in England is now more expensive than in the mid nineties.
In 2004 prices have reached their lowest values. At the end of 2004 and also in 2005 we can see increasing prices. Prices of Silver Shadows are stabilized or are increasing again, where prices of Silver Spirits and Silver Spurs (and "recent" Corniches and Continentals) still decrease and often are lower than prices of the Silver Shadow models.
In 2008 the difference between good and bad cars has increased. Good cars become more expensive and poor cars become cheaper. Restoration is only interesting when the base is good; a poor car will become less often subject of restoration. Further on a RHD car becomes less popular in LHD countries and the other way around. The buyer is more interested in a LHD car in a LHD country. That makes it more and more difficult to sell a RHD car in such a country. And it becomes easier for a buyer to buy such a car.

Influences on indicative prices
Telling indicative prices on a website is always risky. You can explain an indicative price as a price that is valid for every copy and for every timeperiod. But in cartrading prices are always determined by supply and demand. At the time the buyer and the seller have a good feeling with a price, the right price has been set.

The next factors can be of influence when determining the price of a Silver Shadow:

  • The general technical condition, especially regarding the hydraulic system, the electric system, the engine, the suspension and certain body-parts.
  • Whether the car is left-hand-drive (LHD) or right-hand-drive (RHD); in countries where cars drive on the right a RHD Silver Shadow is from 2000 to 5000 euro (dollar) cheaper than a LHD car of a value of about 20,000 euro (dollar).
  • The value of the currency of the country where you buy the car or where you live in.
  • Taxes like the BPM in Holland or import duties. Costs of transport.
  • The amount and the rarity of the present history; a full service history (FSH) can increase the price.


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