Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II

Full name

Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II



- Production years: from 1977 up to and including 1980.
- Production number: 2.136.
- Percentage of the complete production: 5,2%



- The first character of the chassisnumber of every Silver Wraith II is a L and the second is a R.
- The right-hand drive Silver Wraith II has on the third position always a H, the left-hand drive has a X, F, G, K or L.
- Examples: LRH30164 and LRX30097.
- The first Silver Wraith II is LRX30083, the last one is LRL41648C.
- The first Silver Wraith II with division is LRH30886, the last one is LRH40894.


What makes this model unique

- All distinguishing marks of the Silver Shadow II
- The distinguishing marks of the Long Wheelbase: lengthening of 4 inches (10 cm) directly behind the B-pillar, lengthened rear doors, smaller rear window, an Everflex roof covering, badge on the C-pillar (a large backlight could be ordered without the Everflex roof covering)
- The same wheel covers as the Corniche
- Identification plate "SILVER WRAITH II" on the boot lid
- The Silver Wraith II could be delivered with a division


Further details and special features

- The same characteristics as the Silver Shadow II
- A division as an option; in that case an extra air intake grille, an extra battery and separate units for airco and radio
- One single example was delivered as an Anniversary-version

The Silver Wraith II can be identified by this identification plate on the boot lid.
Picture: the plate of LRK38266 from 1979.

The Silver Wraith II just like the Silver Shadow Long Wheelbase can't be identified at the front side. Only the wheel covers betray that it deals with a Silver Wraith II. The everflex covered roof is standard on the Silver Wraith II.
Picture: LRX35463 from 1978.

The lengthening of 4 inches benefits only the rear passengers and is visible on the lengthened rear doors.
Picture: LRK35652 from 1979.

The American Silver Wraith II just like the American Silver Shadow II has the petrol filler door in the left C-pillar and has kept the side-marker lamps.
Picture: LRL39353 from 1980.


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