Bentley T

Full name

Bentley T



- Production years: from 1965 up to and including 1976.
- Production number: 1,711.
- Percentage of the complete production: 4.2%



- The first character of the chassisnumber of every Bentley T is a S and the second is a B.
- The right-hand drive Bentley T has on the third position always a H, the left-hand drive a X, A, or B.
- Examples: SBH8233 and SBX24352.
- The first Bentley T is SBH1001, the last one is SBH26634.


What makes this model unique

- Four doors
- Chrome bumpers; the American Rolls-Royces from mid 1973 got black rubber bumpers, however, this modification was not built for Bentleys and from that moment no Bentley T's were delivered to the USA.


Further details and special features

- Flat wheel covers until March 1971, afterwards ventilated wheel covers
- Until late 1967 the front quarter light could be opened
- From late 1968 side-marker lamps
- Between late 1968 and 1972 the reversing lights were mounted on the boot lid; before and afterwards in the main clusters
- Track and tyres were enlarged a few times
- From mid 1973 on fog lights on the chrome front bumpers
- From mid 1973 on no rectangular air inlets any more below the head lights
- The engine is a V8 of 6230 cc, from late 1969 a V8 of 6750 cc
- American cars have no picnic tables (except in 1966 and 1967)
- The Bentley T could be delivered with Everflex roof covering and with a two-tone paint scheme

Every Bentley T has Bentley wings on the grille. The wings on the T and the T2 are identical.
Picture: SBX32814 (Bentley T2) from 1978.

A very early Bentley T, RHD and with a two-tone paint scheme. The flat wheel covers are standard. The early cars have opening front quarter lights and don't have side-marker lamps. The Bentley T has chrome bumpers.
Picture: SBH3461 from 1967.

At the rear only the Bentley wing on the boot lid shows that this car is a Bentley T and not a Silver Shadow. Before 1968 and after 1973 the reversing lights were located in the main cluster.
Picture: SBX2442 from 1967.

In 1974 the air inlets below the head lights were deleted. Furthermore the fog lights became standard, and the track and the width of the tyres were enlarged. From 1968 the cars had side-marker lamps.
Picture: SBX26509 from 1976.


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