Bentley T Pininfarina Coupé

Full name

Bentley T Pininfarina Coupé



- Year of production: 1968
- Production number: 1
- Percentage of the complete production: 0,0%



The factory produced only one Bentley T Pininfarina Coupé. This car has the chassisnumber CBH4033.


What makes this model unique

- Unique design by Pininfarina ordered by a customer.
- In the beginning flat wheel covers like was usual in the late 60's; in later years provided with the same wheel covers as on the Corniche.


Further details and special features

The car is never taken into production. It was for the first time shown to the audience in October 1968.

The Bentley T Pininfarina Coupé in the beginning had chrome trim bumpers and flat wheel covers. Later the owner provided the car with rubber bumpers and Corniche wheel covers.


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