Bentley T
Mulliner, Park Ward convertible

Full name

Bentley T Mulliner, Park Ward convertible



- Production years: from 1966 up to and including 1970
- Production number: 41
- Percentage of the complete production: 0,1%



- The first character of the chassisnumber of the Bentley T MPW convertible has been a C until spring 1969; this character was replaced by a D from number 6646; the second character is always a B.
- The right-hand drive Bentley T MPW convertible has on the third position always a H, the left-hand drive a X.
- Examples: CBH4146 and DBH7124.
- The first Bentley T MPW convertible is CBH3049, the last one is DBH9539.


What makes this model unique

- Two doors
- Electrical convertible top
- Chrome bumpers
- Flat wheel covers
- Uplifted waistline above the rear wheelarch
- Modified, lower rear side (with regard to the 4-door saloon)
- No side garnish
- Round reversing lights on the boot lid
- No identificaton plate at the rear


Further details and special features

- The car followed all modelchanges of the Bentley T
- The Bentley T MPW convertible could also be delivered with a two-tone paint scheme

At the front the Bentley T MPW convertible is similar to the Bentley T MPW 2-door saloon. The wheel covers are the same as those of the 4-door saloon.
Picture: a Bentley T MPW convertible from 1968.

At the rear the Bentley T MPW convertible can be recognised as a Bentley by the Bentley wing on the rear bumper. That this picture deals with a MPW and not with a Corniche can be recognised by the flat wheel covers, by the lacking of an identification plate and by the round reversing lights. The convertible top can electrically be opened.
Picture: Bentley T MPW convertible DBX8494 from 1970.


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