Bentley T
James Young 2-door saloon

Full name

Bentley T James Young 2-door saloon



- Production years: 1966 and 1967
- Production number: 15
- Percentage of the complete production: 0,0%



- The first character of the chassisnumber of every Bentley T JY 2-door saloon is a C and the second is a B.
- The Bentley T JY 2-door saloon has on the third position always a H.
- Examples: CBH1618 and CBH2267.
- The first Bentley T JY 2-door saloon is CBH1342, the last one is CBH2278.


What makes this model unique

- Two doors
- Chrome bumpers
- Flat wheel covers
- The same straight waistline as the Silver Shadow 4-door saloon
- The same rear side as the 4-door saloon
- No side garnish
- Unique doorcatches


Further details and special features

- All Bentleys T James Young are RHD.
- James Young did not succeed in producing the cars on profit and stopped production after 15 (Bentley-)cars.

At the front and rear can't be discovered that it deals with a 2-door saloon. James Young rebuilt a 4-door saloon to a 2-door saloon and left the front and rear untouched. Yet many things have changed: the panelling of the rear sides, the C-pillar, longer doors, other side windows, the place of the B-pillar, the interior, and so on.
Picture: the CBH2267 from 1966.

This is the press picture of the Bentley T James Young 2-door saloon. On this picture the vanity mirror (the mirror on the inner side of the C-pillar) is very clear to see. This mirror was mounted in this coupé. In the Bentley T MPW 2-door saloon there was no vanity mirror because the C-pillar differed to much from the 4-door saloon.


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