Bentley Corniche convertible

Full name

Bentley Corniche convertible (based on the series I).
The Corniche convertible based on the Bentley T carries the name Corniche convertible too but is shown on another page.



- Production years: from 1971 up to and including 1977
- Production number: 43
- Percentage of the complete production: 0,1%



- The first character of the chassisnumber of every Bentley Corniche convertible (series I) is a D and the second is a B.
- The right-hand drive Bentley Corniche convertible (series I) has on the third position always a H, the left-hand drive has a X, A, B, C, D, or E.
- Examples: DBH10509 and DBX18301.
- The first Bentley Corniche convertible (series I) is DBH10122, the last one is DBH25394.


What makes this model unique

- Two doors
- Chrome bumpers in the early years and more and more often black rubber bumpers in the later years; the American Corniches from mid 1973 all have rubber bumpers
- Special Corniche wheel covers
- Fog lights in the front (not on the American cars)
- Rectangular reversing lights
- Uplifted waistline above the rear wheelarch
- Modified, lower rear side (with regard to the 4-door saloon)
- Electrical convertible top
- No side garnish
- Identification plate "CORNICHE" on the boot lid
- About 10% more engine horsepower than the 4-door saloon
- Special Corniche dashboard with a rev counter


Further details and special features

- The Corniche was used to try new technologies and often anticipated on the modifications of the Bentley T.
- The Corniche convertible could also be delivered with a two-tone paint scheme

The Corniche got new shaped wheel covers.
Picture: the DBL50573C from 1980.

The front of the Corniche convertible is similar to the Corniche 2-door saloon. The Corniche has its own model wheel covers. The fog lights in the front are standard.
Picture: the DBH15673 from 1973.

The folding roof can electrically be opened. At the rear the Corniche has no round but rectangular reversing lights. Further the Corniche has an identification plate on the boot lid.
Picture: the DBH15673 from 1973.

From 1974 the Corniches had no air inlets any more below the head lights.
Picture: the DBH25394 from 1976.


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