Bentley Corniche 2-door saloon

Full name

Bentley Corniche 2-door saloon (based on the series II).
The Corniche 2-door saloon based on the Bentley T series I carries the name Corniche 2-door saloon too but is shown on another page.



- Production years: from 1977 up to and including 1980
- Production number: 17
- Percentage of the complete production: 0,0%



- The first character of the chassisnumber of every Bentley Corniche 2-door saloon (series II) is a C and the second is a B.
- The right-hand drive Bentley Corniche 2-door saloon (series II) has on the third position always a H, the left-hand drive has a X, F, G, K or L.
- Examples: CBH31642 and CBX50240.
- The first Bentley Corniche 2-door saloon (series II) is CBH31226, the last one is CBH34474.
- In 1979 some technical modifications were effected that were marked with chassisnumbers above 50000. The first one is CBK50037 and the last one is CBL50497C.


What makes this model unique

- Two doors
- Black rubber bumpers
- Special Corniche wheel covers
- Fog lights in the front (not on the American cars)
- Rectangular reversing lights
- Twin exhaust
- Uplifted waistline above the rear wheelarch
- Modified, lower rear side (with regard to the 4-door saloon)
- 1 Inch lower than the 4-door saloon
- No side trim strip
- Identification plate "CORNICHE" on the boot lid
- From 1979 onwards, mineral oil and a modified undercarriage


Further details and special features

- The Corniche 2-door saloon could also be delivered with everflex covered roof and with two-tone paint scheme
- From mid 1979 the Corniche got an important modification that was introduced officially only on the Silver Spirit and Silver Spur (late 1980). The rear suspension was modified and the hydraulic system was prepared for mineral oil. These Corniches got a chassisnumber in the 50000-series.

Standard on this Corniche 2-door saloon are the Corniche wheel covers, the black rubber bumpers and the fog lights. Non American cars, like this RHD, have no side-marker lamps.
Picture: the CBH31642 from 1978.

The Corniche 2-door saloon at the rear with the typical rectangular reversing lights. That on this picture is dealt with a car of the 30000-series can be seen on the side-by-side twin exhaust.
Picture: the CBH31642 from 1978.

The American Corniche 2-door saloon of the series II has no head lamp wipers and fog lights and does have side-marker lamps. The painted bumpers are not original, but it occurs more often that owners colour the bumpers of their Corniche. Also it occurs several times that a car delivered as a Rolls-Royce Corniche (see chassisnumber) is modified to a Bentley Corniche.
Picture: the CRG34477 from 1978.


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