Bentley Continental Turbo

Full name

Bentley Continental Turbo



- Production years: 1992 and 1995
- Production number: 8
- Percentage of the complete production: 0,0%



- First series (1992): SCBZD04D6NCH40091, SCBZD04D8NCH40092 and SCBZD04DXNCH40093. These three cars are RHD.
- Second series (1995): SCBZC03C4SCX50140, SCBZC03C6SCX50141, SCBZC03C1SCX50144, SCBZC03C0SCX50149 and SCBZC03C5SCX50163.


What makes this model unique

Outer distinguishing marks are not known to me.


Further details and special features

The first three Bentleys Continental Turbo were built in 1992 and were provided with a Bentley Turbo R engine. These three cars were RHD and were all built for the Sultan of Brunei.
The last five Bentleys Continental Turbo had the same turbo engine and suspension as the Rolls-Royce Flying Spur saloon that was launched in 1995. These five Bentleys Continental Turbo were sold in the US.

The reprints below are the Car specification sheets of the first of the three Bentleys Continental Turbo Convertible that are bought in 1992 by the Sultan of Brunei.
Bentley Continental, Corniche & Azure, Martin Bennett, Veloce Publishing Plc, 1998, ISBN 1 901295 12 5 / UPC: 36847 00112 5, page 156 and 157.


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