Bentley Camargue

Full name

Bentley Camargue



- Year of production: 1985
- Production number: 1
- Percentage of the complete production: 0,0%



The factory only produced one Bentley Camargue. That car has the chassisnumber SCBYJ000XFCH10150.


What makes this model unique

- Unique design by Pininfarina
- Standard the same wheel covers as on the Corniche
- Trim of the dashboard inspired by airplane instruments
- No identification plate


Further details and special features

In the beginning more Bentleys Camargue were planned. These would be provided with a turbo. As a result of the decreasing numbers of sale of the Camargue one decided to introduce the turbo on the Bentley Mulsanne (1982).
In later years several Rolls-Royces Camargue were given a Bentley grille by their owner. These cars have kept their Rolls-Royce chassisnumber.

The one and only 1985 Bentley Camargue SCBYJ000XFCH10150.

The grille is especially made for this model.


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