Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II (division)

1979, LRH34949, Black

This right hand drive Silver Wraith II was produced in 1978 and delivered in 1979. In the middle of the interior a division was built that can electrically be opened from the front as well as from the rear compartment. The car was provided with many special features. Such as television, video, telephone, intercom, cabinet and radio. In the rear there is a second airco with an air opening in the C-pillar. Nevertheless there is a vanity mirror on the C-pillar, a feature that is not standard on cars with a division. The name Broughtons of Cheltenham is the name of a former dealer.
The car is in the Netherlands since 1992 and was part of a large collection of classis cars from 1994 up to 2004. In December 2008 the car was for sale in the Netherlands (pictures).

The car is provided with an electrical division.

At the rear all accessories are mounted that makes live comfortable.

The name of the dealer is on the door sills.


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