Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

1974, SRC18002, Chestnut

This is one of the few and one of the last Silver Shadows that is provided with the American black bumpers and at the same time not yet provided with the wider wheel track. From chassisnumber 18269 onwards the Silver Shadow models got a wider track and the wheelarches were flared, which caused a wider look of the complete car. The car on the pictures has 235 70R15 tyres whilst the size 205 70R15 was the original size. The effect of the smaller track is a bit compensated by the wider tyres.

The flat wheelcovers of the Silver Shadow saloon models were replaced by ventilated wheelcovers in 1971, even on American Silver Shadows. However, on American examples the flat wheelcovers could be ordered until 1974.
This car was delivered new to a lady in Toronto, Canada.


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