Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II

1980, SRL41060C, Masons black over Shell grey

The C in the chassis number of this Silver Shadow II indicates that it is a Californian car with fuel injection to meet the Californian emissions requirements. The colour scheme is Masons black over Shell grey, with black upholstery piped Grey, and with dark wood. Originally fitted options are front and rear foglights, front spoiler, factory flagmasts on fenders with removable masts (detailed photos included below), full sheepskin floor covering, front headlight wipers and washers, and rear courtesy pull out tables from the back of the front seats. This was not standard as American cars got no spoilers, no fog lamps, no head lamp whipers and no picnic tables.
Options fitted aftermarket by the dealer are an original wooden R-R steering wheel with a wooden horn button, both matching the factory wood; the headlights are high output with chrome triangles inside, and the wheel openings have stainless steel trim.
The car was sold new by Roy Carver, Inc., Newport Beach, California on May 14, 1981, to Dr. Molid Khan of West Covina, California. The reason why this Californian car has many options that were forbidden in the USA was because the original owner was a British Diplomat. The dealer who brought the car into California confirmed they were all installed by the factory for the British Diplomat. The dealer said that the car was directly sold to the British Government straight from the factory without involvement of the dealer.
The present (Californian) owner (November 2013) purchased the car from a Mr. Mohammad Kamal Abunaol of Threeheaven Lancaster, California, in early 2003 with a little over 38,000 miles. The car is in 100% original condition. It has won 6 out of 6 concourses in its class.



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