Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II

1979, SRH37131, Le Mans blue

The colourscheme of this Silver Shadow II is Le Mans blue with White everflex and upholstering in Magnolia with Dark blue piping. It's a very pretty colourscheme, especially on sunny days. The interior is provided with extra blue trims on dashboard, door panels and arm rests. Special features are a badge bar, whitewall tyres, front seat head rests and a mascot alarm. A later owner has plated the Spirit of Ecstasy in 18 carat gold.
The car was produced in March 1979 and delivered new in the UK. The price new, in 1979, was 28,528.25. The car has covered a documented 78,000 miles in 31 years (2010), the highest annual mileage was 6,440 miles in 1982 and the lowest annual mileage just 222 in 1994. The car has a fully stamped service book and all the old MOT certificates.
The first picture shows a Rolls-Royce Phantom (left), the Silver Shadow II of this page (center) and a Rolls-Royce Phantom FHC (right) at the RREC North of England Rally in summer 2009.

The car has had ten owners:
1. P. Carnell of Doncaster
2. T. Hartley Jnr. of Blackpool
3. D. Gertler of Hove
4. D. West of Lingfield
5. R. Boulding of Uxbridge
6. D. Frapwell of Surbiton
7. Hanwell Car Centre of Uxbridge
8. J. Barros of Hayes
9. M. Mussel of Christchurch
10. C. Browne (owner since June 2009)


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