Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

1975, SRX21439, Carribe aqua

This car was ordered on Septembre 17th 1974. Production was finished on May 15th 1975 and the car was delivered in Qatar in July 1975. The first owner was a member of the Court of Qatar. It was HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saif Al-Thani, the minister of Justice of Qatar (1972 1999). The colour was chosen by his wife for whom the car was bought. The first pictures are from this period.

The car changed ownership in 1991 and was then exported to The Netherlands. The second owner lives in Luxembourg nowadays. The third owner took ownership of the car in September 2002. He gave me the pictures below. In 2014 the car was sold to the fourth owner, again in The Netherlands.

The SRX21439 was present on the Annual Rally 2004 in Boughton, UK:

Westkapelle, The Netherlands, August 2007. A holiday-trip with the Silver Shadow.

Spring 2008. A visit to Goodwood.


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