Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

1974, SRX17728, Garnet

This wonderful Silver Shadow was ordered in mid 1973 by Mrs M. Da Ponte from Geneva, Switzerland. Production started in October 1973 and delivery took place in February 1974. In 1984 the car was transported to the USA. In the years afterwards it was used by the American Department of Defense and served as an executive vehicle to the secretary of defense Caspar Weinberger under president Ronald Reagan.
The present owner (September 2010) bought the car when he lived in Chicago and took it with him when he moved to Brazil.
The colourscheme is still the original scheme: Garnet with black everflex roof and beige interior.

The car was painted in its original colourscheme and partly restored in spring 2010.

The Silver Shadow before it was restored.


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