Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

1972, SRH13175, Caribbean blue

This Silver Shadow in the colourscheme Caribbean blue with Dark blue interior, blue overrugs and Blue everflex was delivered new in 1972 and had only one Irish owner until 2010. The second owner has brought the car to Germany.
The Silver Shadow has been driven only 85000 miles, because the first owner owned more Rolls-Royces and used this one only a few thousand miles a year. Until 2009 he had the car maintained by specialists. The documentation is almost complete from the beginning. The German car papers say that this car is in an original condition. Only the original telephone has later been removed. Further the everflex roof that was black in the nineties until 2009, is blue again nowadays. On the seats can be seen that the first owner had a chauffeur. They have marks of use on the right front seat and left rear seat.


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