Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

1970, SRH8835, Smoke silver over Bordeaux

This Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow has had a moving and colourful life. It began its career in black with a beige interior. Then it was painted in beige, followed by silver, followed by black, followed by canary-yellow, and finally in the colourscheme it has at this moment: Smoke silver over Bordeaux. These are Peugeot-colours with the sweet-sounding names Beige versailles metallic respectively Rouge vulcain nacre metallic.

The owner of November 2006 bought the car in June 2001 in a remarkable yellow colour.
He restored the car in 2003 and provided it with the Peugeot-colours.

The car hasn't only serviced as a wedding car but also for driving well known Dutch people like Kelly (in the middle).


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