Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

1969, SRH6839, Old English White

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 1969.

This is my 1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow with the chassis number SRH6839. When you want to know more about this car, click on the link "My Silver Shadow".
The beautiful front in detail:

The front of the DM-37-65.

The left bulbs are the flashing light (orange) and the parking light. The outermost of the two headlights (the left one) is the normal headlight. The oval airintake leads the fresh air through a duct to the footspace in the cabin and can only provide fresh and unheated air.

The headlights of the DM-37-65.

A wheelcover of the DM-37-65.

These are ventilated wheelcovers. They are not original for the Silver Shadows from this period. To my opinion they are more beautiful than the flat covers from that period. All covers are fitted with a ring with the colour of the car. Usually there is a small fine line on that ring in a matching colour.

Windscreen wipers of the DM-37-65.

The windscreen wipers ought to be of steel (except the blade of course). Yet you often see wipers of black synthetic material. I have changed the windscreen wipers of my Silver Shadow into original ones. The round object on the picture is the windscreen washer.

Handles of the DM-37-65.

On later models these beautiful handles have been replaced by more flat ones.

Right mirror of the DM-37-65.

In 1969 The mirrors of the Silver Shadow and T were round. On almost every modern car the mirrors broaden the car. Not on the Silver Shadow from this period.

Lights at the back of the DM-37-65.

Many years the reverse lights were mounted on the boot lid. In early years and in later years these lights were part of the main lightunits.

Tha back of the DM-37-65.

This journey of details ends with details of the boot lid.


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