Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

1967, SRH2958, Black

The SRH2958 was delivered to its first owner on October 1st 1967. At that time the car was finished in Garnet (a dark red colour) and was provided with the standard features. In 2006 the car was purchased by a Dutch owner who sent me these pictures. In the past years he has changed a lot to the car. The paint was changed into black. The hub caps were replaced by alloy wheels with hub caps of a Rolls-Royce Phantom. The inside and outside mirrors were replaced by bigger ones. A central doorlocking system was mounted. Further on the car was provided with a custom built center console with a digital radio/CD/DVD player with USB/Bluetooth/cardreader/MP3 connections, four speakers and two 7 inch TFT screens (front and rear), all operated at a distance. The ignition was replaced by an electronic one. The front was embellished with a badge bar and with Lucas LR8 distance-beam head lights. In the interior there were some changes as well. A very special one was the steering column with wood patterns. But also the red carpets were replaced by black ones. A last remarkable modification was the replacement of the Flying lady by a gold plated Lady.
In 2010 again many modifications were applied. The leather interior was replaced by Magnolia leather, the head rests got embroidered logo's, the door panels got beautiful wood. Above that the car was provided with a kneeling lady and other hub cabs.
The first 11 pictures were made in Rotterdam and Velsen in 2010. The pictures from 2009 are taken in Rotterdam and Hillegom. The last 3 pictures are from 2005, a year before restoration began.





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