Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheelbase

1970, LRH8376, Masons Black

The present owner (June 2009) of this early Silver Shadow Long Wheelbase sent me a brief history of the car. This is what he wrote.
"This LRH8376 was purchased new in Sydney, Australia - a York Motors delivered car - and was a one owner, becoming part of a deceased estate in 2007. I then purchased the car and sent it to my RR specialist in Perth Western Australia where it has been steadily overhauled after many years of sitting idle.
It was ordered "No everflex to roof" and as such has a full size rear window. It was also ordered and delivered with radial tyres, leaving Crewe in April 1970 with these tyres fitted. Going on most publications re Silver Shadows, radial tyres were not a standard item till 1972. Originally the car was Midnight blue, but the owner had a total respray in Masons Black in 1985. It was chauffeur driven its entire former life, the original owner being a wealthy business man who received a knighthood in latter life.
Anyway, here are some pics, I am delighted at the way the car looks and drives. It is the same age as me almost to the day, so I forgive it its creaks and groans."
And that was written after 18 months of restoring/recommissioning, bringing the LRH8376 back to its former glory and home in his garage in Western Australia. The hub caps are of a later Silver Wraith II.


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