Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheelbase

1967, LRX1631, Shell grey over Masons black

The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long wheelbase LRX1631 is the very first production Silver Shadow Long Wheelbase with division. In addition, this rare motorcar is one of only ten Long wheelbase Rolls-Royce cars produced in 1967.
This Long wheelbase was ordered by the Diplomatic Service Administration Office in London for Her Majesty's Government and was accepted into Service and delivered to the Diplomatic Service Administration Office in London on August 21, 1967. The motorcar was then deployed to Germany as the official car of the British Ambassador to Bonn, and subsequently of service to Ambassadors' Sir Frank Roberts, Sir Roger Jackling, Sir Nicholas Henderson, and Sir Oliver Wright. It travelled extensively in the Federal Republic until September 1975 when it was transferred to Vienna. There it was employed as the official "flag car" for the Head of the British Delegation to the negotiations on the mutual reduction of forces and armaments. In 1976, after years of service to Her Majesty's Government, LRX1631 was returned to Britain for "disposal".

This rare Long wheelbase made its way to Las Vegas shortly after decommission, and has resided in Las Vegas ever since, having two owners. Recently, LRX1631 had major restoration and refreshing to bring back to life, yet still remains as having many original components as untouched. During body restoration and painting it was very clear how this unique motorcar was "made by hand" as a first vehicle and such shows clearly in the rear passenger doors when the panels are removed and the evidence of the "custom cut" with an extended piece from other doors. In this era of Rolls-Royce production, such was the way it was done in order to meet expectations and fit the requirements for this very special and historic handmade long wheelbase.

The original colours of LRX1631 when delivered, as you see today, are Shell Grey over Black Masons with Black Hide upholstery. The mileage is original, with just under 40,000 miles since delivery in 1967. Many assume this motorcar was intended for and produced for Canada or the US, given the left hand drive, but only happened to end up here in the United States. Today LRX1631, though regularly out and about Las Vegas, enjoys attention, showings, and retirement after its journey of service to Her Majesty in Europe to Ambassadors, Politicos, and Delegations leaving its mark in modern history.

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