Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Long Wheelbase

1966, LRX1467, Black

The LWB was launched in 1969 (LRX6599) but in 1966/67 a pre-series of 10 long wheelbase examples was produced. One of these cars was the LRH2542, specially built for HRH Princess Margaret (also in this gallery of pictures).
The first LWB was the LRX1467, subject of this page. The last was the LRX2718.
The original colourscheme of this very first Silver Shadow Long wheelbase was Shell grey over Black pearl with grey hides and a deep red fine line. Originally it was produced without division. Original special features were full refrigeration, plain sundym glass throughout and side/flasher lamps. The car was ordered on June 1st 1966 by Kirschbaum Autos in Germany. The order was amended on May 2nd 1967 and the first owner became Mrs. Gladys Mary Lewis Morgan, widow of M. Hypolite Worms, of the Banque Worms from Paris, France.
The division was installed by Chapron when the car was new. Apart from installing the division, they changed the front seat backrest into a one-piece backrest, installed Yale locks on both rear doors and an fitted an intercom. The chrome handles are similar to the ones used by James Young.
This very first Long wheelbase was for sale in France in February 2013. The colourscheme was now black with grey hides. The new owner shipped it to Brasil for a full restoration.


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