Rolls-Royce Corniche 2d saloon

1974, CRX18877, Walnut brown

This Rolls-Royce Corniche 2-door saloon was displayed on the Franco Britannique Autos stand at the 1974 Paris Motor Show (the order was to F.B.A. Paris Show cars). The car was bought by an Iranian doctor that lived in Switzerland. He kept it for many years. Then the Corniche was sold to an American man in Delaware and later to another American man in Kansas. In 2008 it was sold to Brazil where it resides in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian owner restored the Corniche coupé completely.
The car has French specifications. Special features are the sliding roof (not sure whether this roof was built when new) and "flat exterior mirrors (GECO)". When new it got the French yellow head lamps but these were replaced some time later.
The colour scheme is Walnut brown with beige hides and carpets.


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