Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible

1973, DRB15051, Shell grey over Masons Black

Model year 1973 started with the Corniche convertible DRB14991 and the Corniche 2-door saloon CRB15052. So this grey Corniche convertible DRB15051 belongs to the first Corniches from this model year. The car was manufactured between November 1972 and May 1973 and was delivered in a two-tone colour scheme Shell grey over Masons Black, with a black hood and a red interior. The first owner was The Myers Company from Orlando, Florida. When the car was offered for sale in 1990 in Pennsylvania (adv at the bottom of this page), it still had this colour scheme. Later on the car was changed into Grey with a black interior. From 1999 untill 2008 it was owned by a Dutch owner. At this moment (autumn 2009) the car is owned by an inhabitant from the region Düsseldorf in Germany, who had the car restored in 2009.
Some time in its history this Corniche convertible was modified by a coachbuilder. This company modified the side panels in such a way that the vertical buckles before the rear wheels were deleted and the panels were made flat. Probably this job was done by the firm "Niko & Michael" from Port Washington in New York, but it is not sure if and when they did this job. If you have some information about that, it would be very welcome.
In 2011 the Corniche got its original colour scheme back (first five pictures).

Before 2011:

The DRB15051 during its reconstruction in 2008.

The adv of the DRB15051 in 1990.


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