Rolls-Royce Camargue "Hunting car"

1978, JRX31741, Midnight blue

This very special Rolls-Royce Camargue was bought in 1978 for about 83.122 by an Arabian Sheikh who loved the falconry. In May 1980 he brought the car to the Swiss designer Franco Sbarro, who is famous because of his eccentric designs. The Camargue was customized by Sbarro to this one-off "Rolls-Royce Camargue Custom Falconry Sporting Vehicle". The special car is also sometimes called "Hunting Car of His Royal Highness", or "Hunting car" or "Falconry sporting vehicle".
The colour scheme is Midnight blue with orange Connolly leather interior, newly refinished bird's eye maple veneers and custom aluminium wheels.

For the hunting some special features are mounted. In the place of the trunk lid is a custom panel that swings away to reveal a concealed, extendable platform where the falconer can stand. Also conveniently at hand is an extendable support rod for the falcons. The windshield is electrically hinged to allow for unencumbered peripheral vision in the field. The doors are removed and replaced by bars that can be pushed away into the coach.

The car was customized without altering the chassis or technology. All standard Camargue features have stayed in place, like automatic climat control, electrical and heated seats, CD-player, etc.

After modification in 1980 the car costed about 385,000 euro, USD 396,000.
In 2004/2005 the car was owned by a resident of Monaco.





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