Bentley T MPW 2-door saloon

1966, CBH1973, Magnolia

This Bentley T MPW 2-door saloon is completely restored in Dallas, Texas. The colourscheme is Magnolia with Tan hides.
In 2009 the car can regularly be seen on RROC meetings in de Texas region. The owner intends to ship the car to Melbourne, Australia, within the next few years.
The Bentley was ordered in 1966 by agent H. R. Owen Ltd of London W1 via Order B 2338. The chassis delivery date was 2 December 1966, it was tested on 31 January 1967 with registration plate AB 112 and the car delivery date was 1 March 1967. At the point of delivery, the battery was fully charged, the radio No. was 066481 (Radiomobile 980/V&y) and the handbook was noted as 2nd Ed. The vehicle was described as having Dunlop white wall tyres, electric windows, split parking device, wool rugs to front and rear, electric aerial, 2 fog lamps, refrigeration and was equipped with an emergency hand window winder.
On 1st March 1967 it was handed over to its first owner: F. J. Demetriou Esq, Hyde Park Place, London W2.

Already in 1969 the Bentley was sold. On 6th March 1969 it was bought by Bovis Holdings Limited of Newcombe House, Notting Hill Gate, London W11 at the London Rolls-Royce agent Jack Barclay. A year later, in April 1970, the car was sold again by Jack Barclay, this time to Dr Archibald C Boyce, Harley Street, London W1. And again a year later, in May 1971, Jack Barclay sold the vehicle again, now to D Wheeler, Warren Street, London W1.
The further history of the Bentley was not recorded until 1998 when Mr Tom Morey, a leading figure in the Texas Chapter of the RROC, acquired the vehicle in a derelict state and without a title in Texas. He sold it almost immediately to his friend Charles Beck who restored the vehicle completely. The present owner (spring 2009) purchased it from him in December 2004. The Bentley is in outstanding condition and won the first prize in the Texas Chapter of the RROC at the Spring meet held on April 9th and 10th 2005 in Fort Worth.


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