Bentley T MPW convertible

1968, CBX6034, red

This 1968 Bentley T Mulliner Park Ward convertible was ordered by Mrs. Barbara D. Kamins, got a new owner soon afterwards, and was sold in 1972 by Lloyd Davis from Houston, Texas. When new the car was finished in Shell grey. In the beginning of this century the car was owned by Bob Falcone from New York. In that time the Bentley was painted in a distinct two-tone colourscheme red over grey. The pictures below are taken in the Netherlands in January 2009. I got them from Garage De Vaal where the car was for sale.
This car has the specifications of the Federal Safety Standards (FSS) that were introduced on number 6001. That was the beginning of a new dashboard with padding above and below the wood.

Below a picture from the first years of this century when the car was provided with a two-tone colourscheme.


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