Bentley T Long Wheelbase

1975, LBX19566, Scots pine

One of only 9 very rare Bentleys T Long Wheelbase. This LHD Bentley T Long wheelbase is provided with a division. A Rolls-Royce Long wheelbase has a quarter badge on the C-style, a Bentley T Long wheelbase has not.
The car is painted in Scots pine which is an individual colour requested by the first owner (the colour is like dark green and is derived from the first owner's company colours). The interior is coloured Tan.

The original car specifications of this Bentley were:
- Original colour: Scots Pine
- Fine lines: Gold
- Upholstery: "Front compartment to be trimmed in tan hide, rear compartment to be trimmed in beige cloth"
- Headlining: L/Fawn Ambla
- Carpet: Deep Fawn
- Date issued: 21.5.74 (this is the date the order is completed and the parts are ordered for assembling)
- For use in Switzerland
- Special features: Plain Sundym Glass throughout, Multi Lingual Handbook, Service Voucher Booklet to be in German, Marchal Quartz Iodine Headlamps, Fiamm Horns with a footswitch, Console ONLY to be trimmed in Tan Hide, Avon White sided Radial Ply Tyres
- Radiator Shell ONLY to be painted Scots Pine to match body, Shutters to remain standard
- Car to go to Car Repair Department before Test to be fitted with Intercomm between front & rear compartment
- UD.20272 Blue Spot Frankfurt Stereo

Further details about this car:
- Supplier: Schmoll & Co, Zürich, Switzerland
- First owner: Underberg Handels A.G., Zürich. The present owner (2014) lives in Germany.
- Date of delivery: 31 January 1975
- Mileage at delivery: 497.

Many thanks to Martin Puthz who delivered the pictures and the data.


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