Bentley T2

1978, SBH35194, Shell grey

This Bentley T2 was delivered new in Scotland in 1978 and has driven only 96,000 miles in 30 years.
The Dutch owner who sent me these pictures bought the car in May 2008 for 6200.
The former owner lived in London. That man bought the Bentley in neglected shape and invested for 38,000 in a 4 years period in order to restore the car through a renowned Rolls-Royce and Bentley company. That was approximately 10 per driven mile, only for maintenance and restoration.
These pictures are taken during the Jurassic Classic, a trip from The Netherlands to the Mont Blanc in Switzerland and back again, in October 2008.

On the next picture the Bentley T2 is accompanied by a 1951 Bentley Mk VI.


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