Bentley T

1969, SBX6530, White over cream

When the first owner of this Bentley took delivery of his car, he actually preferred a Rolls-Royce. He immediately ordered to convert the grille, bonnet, hubcaps and external badging by Rolls-Royce USA, at great expense. Afterwards only the chassis number gave away that the car was originally a Bentley T.
In 1981 the "Rolls-Royce" was offered for sale by an owner from Toledo, Ohio. In 2003 the car was sold again by its owner, now on Ebay. In 2010 Park-Ward Motors from Barrington, Illinois, has re-instated its correct "Bentley" presentation as per factory specifications.
In 2011 the Bentley was sold to a new owner in São Paulo, Brazil. He decided to change the colour scheme of the car into this remarkable white over cream.

Pictures from 2010 when the Bentley was for sale in Illinois.

Pictures from 2003 when the Bentley was still a Rolls-Royce.


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