Bentley Corniche 2-doors saloon

1981, CRH50389, Brookland green

This car was delivered in 1981 but was built in 1980. This model is not built any more in 1981. The chassis number from the 50000 series points out the use of mineral oil in the hydraulic system.
This Bentley has original been a Rolls-Royce, due to the digit R on the second position in the chassis number. Later the car was changed into this wonderful Bentley. On the first picture you can see the changed grille, bonnet and wheel rims. The badge between the head lamps was changed as well.

On the rear side a patch with the name "Continental" is attached, but this 2-doors saloon model has never been delivered as a Continental.

These pictures are made at the Rolls-Royce and Bentley Annual Rally in 2004.


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