Bentley Corniche 2d saloon

1973, CBB15806, Brewster green

This very rare left hand drive Bentley Corniche 2-door saloon in American trim is owned by someone in Köln in Germany since 2003. The car started its rare existance in Los Angeles where it was always garage kept at the Beverly Hills hotel for the occasional use of its owner who resided in New York.
The second owner replaced the front seats by "bucket seats" to give the car a more "updated feel and appearance". The present owner (2008) from Germany is the third owner. He brought back the grille and the seats to their original state.

The car was originally delivered in the colour "Deep bronze green" (Valentine 173-27963) with golden fine lines. In the eighties the car was repainted in the colour red and late in the nineties by the second owner in the colour Brewster green.
The first owner was "Edwin Herzog, Lettingtown Rd., Long Island, USA". When Mr Herzog moved to California at the end of the seventies, he took over the car to his son who let respray the car to red.
The second owner was Ben Dalby of L.A./CA who bought the car in 1994. Mr Dalby wanted his car to look like a more contemporary model and ordered to mount alloy wheels, bucket seats, a new centre console, a third brake light, a new "turbo" grille, electrically powered Jaguar mirrors, and many more things.
The third owner bought the car in 2003 and drove it on Long Island, New York, before he shipped it to Germany in 2007.


The next pictures date from 2003 when the car was offered for sale on Ebay. Mark the mesh grille and the bucket seats.


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