Bentley Corniche convertible

1983, SCBZD42A2DCX06192, Red

A Bentley Corniche convertible is a very rare model. Only 12 were made in the period 1981-1984, 9 of them LHD (Left Hand Drive), 3 RHD. In 1983 three Bentleys Corniche were produced, all three of them LHD. The chassis numbers were SCBZD42A2DCX06192, SCBZD42A6DCX06387 and SCBZD42A3DCX06606.
This Bentley was the first of model year 1983. It is also the second Bentley Corniche ever that was provided with the SZ underframe, the 1982 Bentley Corniche SCBZD0009CCH05822 (the only 1982 Bentley Corniche) being the first one.


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