The voice of a Silver Shadow

The result of the photoshoot is this fantastic picture (above). Photographer is Mark Janssen from Rotterdam (

Below you see a picture of the background in the music café De Vorstin. In order to show the enormous measurements I am seated in the foreground.

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Above you find a shooting of "Sterren op het doek", an interview of Martijn Krabbé by Hanneke Groenteman. This shooting was broadcasted by Max on Thursday May 19th 2011. The background can best be seen after 11:00 minutes and after 12:55 minutes.

The story of the photo shoot

On a day in July 2010 I was called by photographer Mark Janssen from Rotterdam. He had found me by my website and was searching for a Rolls-Royce for a photoshoot. Especially the red interior of the car was important. A client had asked to make a big background picture for a new building in Hilversum that could be hired for television shots and other commercial purposes. The picture would become 5 by 7 metres.
On August 2nd at the end of the day I drove to Rotterdam for the photoshoot. I was asked to park the car on a parking place somewhere in the center of the city. The parking place hadn't a representative character, but nevertheless Mark started to install the exposure equipment and smoke machine. It took more than two hours and many hundreds of test pictures before the photographic models could enter the parking place. Mark asked one after another to take place in the rear of the car or to repeatedly enter the car, and he took hundreds and hundreds of pictures.

The parking place where my car was prepared for the photoshoot, somewhere in the center of Rotterdam. It took hours to prepare all the lights and smoke effects.

Photographer Mark Janssen during the testing of his exposure equipment.

In September the broadcasting started of a new television show called "The voice of Holland, the auditions", a talent scouting in a new formula. The broadcasting took place in the new building in Hilversum, called "De Vorstin" (The Queen). The big picture (the one at the top of this page) was a background in the entrance hall of the building. Many interviews with candidates were held in front of the picture, but because of the emotions of the candidates they took more attention than the picture with my car. Yet millions of people in the Netherlands could have seen this picture on television, although perhaps no-one has recognised that the car was the 1969 Silver Shadow with chassis number SRH6839.

The building "De Vorstin" in Hilversum where the picture was hung as a background.


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