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During the 30 years the Silver Shadow was in production many modelchanges were carried through. It concerned not only coach-changes but also technical changes. On this page those changes are mentioned in chronological order. The periods in which the models were in production are schematically outlined on the page Periods of production schematically.
A complete view on all technical changes you can find on the pages of the chassisnumbers.


Model introduction

Model changes and major technical changes


- RR Silver Shadow
- Bentley T

The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T were shown to the international public on the Paris Motor Show on the 7th October 1965. The British first appearance was some weeks later on the London Motor Show.


- RR Silver Shadow James Young 2-doors saloon
- Bentley T James Young 2-doors saloon
- RR Silver Shadow MPW 2-doors saloon
- Bentley T MPW 2-doors saloon

The two-doors designs were as a saloon introduced by James Young in January 1966. Two months later (March 1966) the Mulliner, Park Ward twodoors Saloon was introduced.


- RR Silver Shadow MPW Convertible
- Bentley T MPW Convertible
- RR Silver Shadow Long Wheelbase (pilot of 10 pieces)

The Mulliner, Park Ward Convertible was introduced.
Further on as a pilot the first 10 Long Wheelbase saloons (LWB) were introduced. One of these was specially built for HRH Princess Margaret. The LWB was launched to market not before 1969.


- RR Silver Shadow Long Wheelbase
- Bentley T Long Wheelbase

The Long Wheelbase cars were launched definitely in the spring of 1969. An optional feature was the provision of a division between the front and the rear compartments which, when fitted, took up the entire axtra floorpan length.
The height control which was fitted to all four wheels untill now, was deleted for the front wheels.
The optional airconditioning was specified for all cars now.


- RR Corniche convertible
- RR Corniche 2-doors saloon
- Bentley Corniche convertible
- Bentley Corniche 2-doors saloon

The twodoors saloons of Mulliner, Park Ward got a number of modifications and was renamed to Corniche.


Special Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T models for the American market

Cars specified for The North-American and Canadian market were specified with special impact absorbing bumpers, a slightly restyled radiator shell (shorter), deletion of the rectangular air intakes, a handbrake pedal, a double exhaust, etc. Because of these changes the cars looked like the series II that were produced from 1977. An example of an American car from 1974 is shown at the bottom of this page.


Rolls-Royce Camargue

The Camargue was launched. It was designed by Pininfarina and became the topmodel of Rolls-Royce. The Camargue was fitted with a split level airconditioning.


- RR Silver Shadow II
- RR Silver Wraith II
- Bentley T2
- Bentley T2 Long Wheelbase

The Silver Shadow II, the Bentley T2 and T2 LWB and the Silver Wraith II were launched to the market. The Camargue and Corniche were revised in the same way as these series II cars.


End of the Silver Shadow II and Bentley T2

Production of the Silver Shadow II, the T2, the Silver Wraith II and the twodoors saloons was stopped in October 1980. Only the Corniche convertible and the Camargue were continued besides the Silver Spirit and Silver Spur.


Bentley Continental

The Bentley Corniche was renamed into Bentley Continental.


RR Corniche II

The Corniche II was launched on the North American market. The rest of the world had to wait for the Corniche II until 1988.


RR Corniche III

The Corniche III was introduced.


RR Corniche IV

The Corniche IV was introduced.


- RR Corniche S
- Bentley Continental Turbo

The Corniche S and Bentley Continental Turbo were introduced. This was at the same time the last year that a Corniche and a Continental and therefore a Silver Shadow model was built.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow from 1974 for the American market.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow from 1974, built for the American market.


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